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Mechanical Engineering & Fabrication Services | Kenshau

Kenshau is a Fabrication, Welding & mechanical engineering services company that is proudly ISO 9001 compliant. With a staff complement of 50 plus competent employees, staffing our well-equipped workshops & supported by competent management, administration and sales team, we can, with ease, meet expectations on diverse tasks, big and small.

This includes the supply of a vast range of mechanical, pipe, flanges, fittings, fabrication and welding equipment and material to meet the needs across a broad range of industry types. With a team of 6 drivers and a fleet of Light, Medium and Heavy delivery vehicles, prompt and secure deliveries can at all times be secured.


• Profiling

• Pipe & Fitting Fabrication

• On & Off Site Fabrication

• Specialized Fabrication

• Flange Welding

• Butt Welding

• Branch Welding

• Mitre Welding

• Lateral Welding

• Gusset & Sweep Welding

All our “FABRICATION & WELDING WORK” have valid PQR’s and we proudly work to the following


• EN ISO 15614-1

• AWS D1.1

• API 1104



Engineering and Services:

• Profiling

• Guillotining

• Profile and Plasma Cutting

• Specialized Machining

• Pipe and Pipe Fitting Fabrication and

• Heavy Engineering

• Maintenance

• Valve, Pump and Gearbox Refurbishment

Parts, Equipment and Materials:

• Pipes and pipe fittings (CS, HDPE, etc.)

• Custom flanges up to 2,500mm

• Custom pipe fittings

• Pumps

• Valves

• Gasketing Material –
  cut to size and sheeting


Kenshau standards and specifications:

• SANS (SABS) 1123, BS4504 &BS10




• ANSI B16.5  

• Or as specified


Industries served by Kenshau:

• Collieries & Mines

• Sugar Industry

• Chemical Works

• Steel Factories & Foundries

• Power Stations (including Nuclear)

• Pulp & Paper Mills

• Coke Oven Plants & Cool Gasworks

• Auto and Aircraft Industry

• Electroplating

• Plating Shops (Hot Dip Galvanizers)

• Breweries, Distillers & Bottlers

• Civil & Mechanical Engineering

• Oil Refineries

• Railways

• Hospitals

• Sewage, Water treatment and Water works

• Salt Mines

• Textiles, Synthetic Fibre Manufacturers

• Leather Tanneries

• Agricultural

• Irrigation

Even specialized requirements can be met,
just ask

Quality Policy:

A commitment made by the Managing Director that we work to “DOCUMENTED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES” in order to meet the customer’s requirements.

Health & Safety Policy:

Commitments made by the Managing Director that we adhere to the “OHS Act Requirements” to ensure safety & environmental standards are met.

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1. Flanges Manufactured

2. Piping

3. Pipe and Fitting

4. HDPE & PVC Pipes and

5. Profiling and Laser

6. Guillotining

7. Specialized Machining

8. Heavy Engineering,
    Power stations &
    Water Works Affairs

9. Supplying the Valves &
    Mining Industries plus
    Boiler Manufactures

10.Merchandise –
     Engineering and
     Industrial Equipment
     & Consumables

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