About us | Kenshau

Preserve the spirit of faith and hope to work perseveringly and honorably, loving people, our work, our company and our global community.

Everyday at Kenshau, we set out to create something totally new. This unwavering spirit of creativity is as strong as at the dawn of the 21st century as it was for us when Kenshau family was founded in South Africa. As the pace of global change accelerates, Kenshau will remain on the leading edge, always creating businesses with genuine value.

A creative leader that survives on the cutting edge of change. As globalization progresses, the world seems to be getting smaller. To continue growing in flanges and fittings fields, Kenshau is focusing its creativity in service and excellence in quality. These fields have excellent growth potential, and we will pursue market leadership.

A new management strategy that reflects global standards. Today’s businesses must prove themselves on a global basis. To survive and continue growing on this era of mega-competition, Kenshau has adopted a proactive approach to meeting global standards. We regularly review every business activity to focus invention and innovation in areas that generate market value and win new consumers. And we boost the benefits of synergy by maximizing global collaboration between us.

A cohesive approach that yields genuine value. At Kenshau, every employee is encouraged to participate in the creation of new markets, new ideas and new convictions. Our work reflects our belief that, rather than simply following market trends, we should constantly make our belief fresh and enable us to create businesses that offer real commercial and social value.