ISO - Quality Services - Material Certificates and X-Ray and Testing services

Pipeline Integrity

Discover the true condition of your pipeline with Shaw Pipeline Services Pipeline Integrity Inspection. As transmission pipelines age in today’s budget conscious economy performing pipeline

integrity inspections are a wise decision. By replacing only structurally comprised pipeline sections this enables companies to maximize the reliable operating life of their existing assets. SPS offers proven

Non-destructive Testing inspection services for all small and large diameter steel and plastic pipe. Peace of mind is the number one benefit that SPS offers.

Types of Inspections available: • Girth Weld Inspection (Internal & External)

• Corrosion Inspection (Internal & External) • ERW & SAW Long Seam Inspection (Internal & External)

Specialty Inspections

Looking for a Specialty Inspection? With over 30 years’ experience and more than five million welds inspected,

Shaw Pipeline Services delivers the industry’s best level of service when it comes to specialty inspections.

Type of Inspections Available:

• Tank Car Inspections • Ovality End Dimensioning Inspections

• Spiral Weld Inspections • High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) Fusion Joint Inspections

Get the full experience and the peace of mind that you need.

Plant Inspections

Our comprehensive services include knowledgeable experts applying state-of-the-art technology for examining plant and refinery operational integrity. Inspections of refineries and plants are critical to safe

long-term operations. SPS offers the best innovative solutions available to the industry for piping and weld seam inspections. Utilizing our AUT or RTR systems, SPS can increase productivity by inspecting the

plant during regular operational hours eliminating the need to perform shut down inspections.

Type of Inspections available:

• New Construction/Expansion Weld Inspections • Limited Access Weld Inspections

• Corrosion/Erosion Inspections • Maintenance Inspections

Quality Control Services

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

• Structural Fabrications • Marine Oil & Gas • Petrochemical Plants • Power Stations

• Mining Equipment • Process Plants • Pressurised Vessels

• Electrical & Instrumentation • Hydraulic Equipment & Systems • Commissioning

IQS discipline specific, qualified and experienced personnel add value by providing the necessary input during product manufacturing and process plant assembly.

Resources are selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and qualifications in order to ensure client QA/QC requirements are strictly adhered to.

Project Management & Consulting

• ISO 9001 & ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001

• Welding Metallurgical • Process Failure Analysis

• Problem Solving • Pressure Vessel Design Verification

The ability to understand the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 into an integrated management system, ensures that project management systems

are developed to address the project needs of the client in a meaningful and concise controlling document. IQS personnel have the capability to develop and implement project

management systems in line with contractual requirements and objectives.

Welding Services

• Welding Procedure Qualifications

• Welder Qualifications

• Welding Inpection & Quality Control • Specialised Welding Services • Welder Trainging to international standards

A professional understanding of weld processes and technology is paramount to the sucessful development and qualification of weld procedures and welder qualifications.

IQS strictly montior weld procedure qualifications to ensure adherence to standards and specifications. Monitoring of weld processes and the provision of specialist welding

services for the welding of complex or dissimilar materials can be outsourced from IQS.

Rope Access

• Welding Inspection • Non-desctructive testing (MPI, UT) • Thickness Gauging • Cleaning & Painting

Structural Repairs

Access limitations often results in the use of personnel to inspect, test and maintain equipment via rope access techniques. Personnel are trained not only to access difficult

areas but to also carry out the required inspection, test, or maintenance task required by the client. All rope access personnel are trained in accordance with international standards.

NDT - Non-destructive testing

• Ultrasonic Testing (UT) • Hull Thickness Gauging - ABS Class

• Approved • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

• Radiograpy (RT) • Dye Penetrant • TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)

• Phased Array • Eddy Current • Paint Inspection

Specialised and orthodox NDT services can be provided IQS. Personnel are suitably qualified in the various fields. Specialised and orthodox NDT services can be provided IQS.

Personnel are suitably qualified in the various fields of NDT and equipment is available to provide services to clients on a world wide basis.

Credit Guarantee Insurance

We are Insure and our Debtors and our Creditors Book is Fully Covered by Credit Guarantee