Profiling and Laser Cutting

At KENSHAU we cut steel to absolute accuracy.

We offer this service in all grades of steel including Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

With highly skilled staff in this area, we are able to offer you the customer the most advanced service for your project. This service includes manufacture process computer controlled to produce components with precision and quality at a very affordable price.

We are able to develop your product from either a sample or drawing supplied. Also, we are able to compute and cut any shape or form that is required and store this onto our system for future reference. Products produced on these machines are accurate and will save time and

money on your floor putting the components together.

Whether the order is LARGE or SMALL we are committed to giving you the most efficient and best service!


High Definition Plasma Cutting’s primary skill is in the Cutting of Profiles - and it is able to offer unbeatable lead times and excellent accuracy across a wide range of materials. We can precisely and economically reproduce almost any shape you may require.

High-definition plasma cutting has been available for almost 20 years. Its original development relied on new technology that could improve conventional plasma cut quality in terms of edge squareness (especially on thinner materials) and cut-part accuracy while maintaining respectable consumable life and operating cost.

CNC Laser Cutting

In recent times PLASMA cutting has advanced rapidly and has become a popular choice in the steel industry. The main advancements of late are they have reduced the TAPER in cut from top to bottom of the plate and a large increase in the cutting speed. This cutting process is extremely accurate, very clean cut and more efficient cost wise than laser. These machines are very fast, highly accurate, achieving far better tolerances than FLAME cutting and ideal for mass production.

CNC Sheet Metal Cutting

• 1.60 - 25mm Carbon Steel

• 0.50 - 10mm Stainless Steel

• 0.9 - 6mm Aluminium

Sheet sizes are 1500mm x 3000mm. We have a wide range of stock available.

All you need to do is contact us or email/fax your drawing with your details for quotations.

Kenshau can also offer you specialist 3D design solutions to assist you from concept to manufacturing.

KENSHAU has been using this process since starting the business. Today we have a number of CNC driven FLAME cutting machines.

All these machines have heavy duty floor mounted rails with multi-heads for extra production requirement needs.

This is the oldest and still remains a very POPULAR form of cutting steel plate to size, especially thick heavy plate up to and including 300mm THICK. On cutting of thicker materials, slag build-up can take place on components and light grinding on edges may have to be done.